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Metal studs are durable and termite-resistant and can withstand severe winds, humidity, and moisture. With these benefits, there’s no wonder it’s the #1 choice of property builders. Whether expanding your building or renovating your workspace, our Phoenix team can help with our professional metal stud framing services.

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Sell your image before you can sell your products or services. This is why it is critical that your firm has the appropriate image or brand. Another way to establish your brand is through your commercial space, which should have durable walls that reflect your business in a way that appeals to the clients you wish to attract.

Since the 1950s, commercial buildings in the United States have utilized metal stud wall framing, sometimes known as light-gauge steel framing. While each approach has several advantages, metal stud framing offers many aesthetic and functional advantages over wood stud framing, making it a popular alternative. Metal-framed walls are more robust and have a more solid surface than wood-framed walls, which allows for a more seamless finish.

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Phoenix Commercial Metal Framing Service


Structural framing is the use of steel components to form planes and walls. The stud and the track are the two primary components of metal stud framing. Heavy gauge metal studs should be utilized for load-bearing walls and structural applications like exterior walls. Non-load-bearing constructions, such as partitions, half walls, and internal walls, can be constructed with light gauge metal studs.

Metal stud framing procedures are similar to those used in wood construction, and metal stud framings are available in comparable dimensions to wood studs. Metal studs are often secured with screws. Additionally, fixed clips can be employed to provide contractors with additional bypass framing alternatives. Contractors frequently use deflection connectors in areas where seismic activity is a concern. These enable the independent movement of a stud wall and substrate. To reinforce connections, stiffening plates are inserted in the apertures.


Once upon a time, hardwood studs were the most often used studs in framing construction. Today, it isn’t easy to find any new structure that incorporates them. What transpired? The following are some reasons most new commercial contractors have shifted to metal stud framing and why it is more expensive than wood stud construction:

  • When wood is exposed to moisture, it can decay or distort.
  • The cost of wood framing is higher than that of metal stud framing.
  • Installing wood studs requires a high level of technical competence.

Commercial stud framing made of metal has various advantages over wood, including a lower cost. Steel studs do not deform and are resistant to water damage and termite infestation. Steel is also more environmentally friendly than wood because it does not require tree harvesting.
Is metal stud framing the building industry’s future? Probably. As the supply of good wood continues to decline and manufacturers develop new ways to overcome steel constraints, the benefits of metal stud framing will become increasingly apparent.


Cost Savings

This is an excellent way to start. After all, who doesn’t want to enjoy lower costs? While the product itself is typically more expensive than wood upfront, those costs are deceptive because of some backend benefits. For one thing, the uniform quality of metal stud framing results in significantly less scrap waste from the product you purchase.

Magnificent Strength

You will be awestruck by the strength that metal provides when employed in framing applications. If you are working on a project that requires a high level of stability, you will be hard-pressed to find a better solution than employing metal for the framework. For instance, metal is an excellent choice if you’re building in an area known for constantly high winds.

Hassle-free installation

As you probably know, wood studs may become rather heavy when working with them all day. Because of the lightweight nature of metal, they are easier to install than their wood counterparts.

Phoenix Metal Framing Services


One of the primary reasons we use metal studs in commercial buildings is that metal is fireproof. Metal studs can’t wholly stop fires from starting, but they do a lot to cut down on the amount of flammable material.

While steel studs were never as inexpensive as wood studs, they are currently just around 30% more expensive. However, the benefits outweigh the additional expenditure.

It is essential to use the right materials and have the skills when framing commercial walls. Because of the material’s endurance, contractors must use specialized screws for metal studs.

Steel studs are used by most commercial builders. Steel studs are the exception, not the rule. Metal is employed in commercial structures because of its fire resistance. One reason for using steel studs in commercial projects is that these structures are large, and steel spans longer distances than wood.

Installing top and bottom plates with studs costs between $7 and $16 per square foot. When drywall is included, the price per linear foot is between $20 and $30. Framing costs can differ depending on what kind of material is used and how big the door and window openings are.



Metal studs have a variety of advantages and only a few drawbacks. When you consider the specific requirements of your project, do not be shocked if metal studs prove to be the right decision.

We pay close attention to detail to ensure our services meet or exceed your expectations. If you have a vision of what your commercial space needs, whether drywall or metal stud framing, we can help turn it into reality through valuable skills and expertise honed after years of experience.

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