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Unbeatable drywall repair, metal stud framing, and specialty ceilings in Phoenix, Arizona.


When you want to improve the appearance of your walls or ceiling, we understand that looking for trustworthy drywall contractors is not easy. You want to ensure that they will meet your expectations and needs on time.

You are exactly at the right place if you’re searching for Arizona drywall companies. Whether you need simple patching or a major repair, our professional Phoenix team will be at your service. Even if you’re considering repairing your drywall yourself, check out the information, hints, and tips we’ve compiled to help you figure out whether to continue DIY or hire the best contractors in Phoenix, AZ. Give us a call and we will be happy to assist you. We provide a FREE, no-obligation estimate.


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Drywall provides a myriad of advantages for your space. But even the most professionally installed drywalls will get damaged at some point. Those minor issues can become tomorrow’s biggest problems that could affect your property’s appearance and market value.

Repairing drywall is what our Phoenix, AZ team is good at. We take pride in our ability to do things right the first time. Whether it’s a hole, a crack, or water damage, we can restore your wall to its former glory. And if you want something completely new, we can install it for you, too!

Get in touch with our contractors today if you’re thinking about installing drywalls and want our advice or service. We can also help you with the finishing touches that will elevate the sharp aesthetic of your walls.



Residential Drywall

Drywall is an essential component of any home remodeling or refinishing project. It is one of the most extensively utilized and popular construction materials. Drywall is affordable and water and fire-resistant, making it one of the safest materials for home walls.

At Phoenix Drywall and Metal Framing, we follow various vital steps to ensure that your drywall will last a long time. Years of experience and training have honed our experienced team's talent, precision, and meticulousness, resulting in a flawless and long-lasting job done right.

Commercial Drywall

At Phoenix Drywall and Metal Framing, we know that you value your business as much as your home. The way your commercial space looks says a lot about your reputation. So, its appearance and safety are our priorities. Drywall can be found in many commercial settings. In fact, this material is used in most construction projects. From retail stores to office buildings, it provides many advantages.

Give our Phoenix, AZ team a call today for commercial drywall and metal framing services. We will be happy to assist you and guarantee quality work that lasts long.

Commercial Metal Framing

Since the 1950s, metal stud wall framing, also known as light-gauge steel framing, has been used in commercial buildings in the United States as an alternative to wood framing. Metal stud framing offers various aesthetic and practical advantages over wood stud framing, making it a preferred alternative to wood stud framing.

Metal-framed walls are straighter and have a more solid surface than wood-framed walls because metal is less flexible. Contact our metal framing company in Phoenix to learn more!

Acoustical & Specialty Ceilings

Phoenix Drywall and Metal Framing provides a broad range of services in the Acoustical & Specialty Ceiling segment. We install suspended acoustical ceilings, customized ceilings, and acoustical wall coverings and panels of various brands and kinds.

Our experts have already worked on a wide range of projects, each with its own set of acoustic and aesthetic challenges. With our expertise, we can better understand what our clients want and how to meet their needs effectively, beautifully, and at a reasonable price.



In Phoenix, the average cost of hiring contractors to repair damaged drywall is around $233 to $233. This, however, can still change depending on the extent of the damage or the scope of the project. Patching small holes and dents usually ranges between $50 and $150, while repairing major water damage and leaks can go up to $500 to $2,500.

If you want a more accurate estimate for your drywall project in Arizona, don’t hesitate to contact Phoenix Drywall and Metal Framing. We will examine your drywall and provide you with a fair and honest quote.

Repairing drywall is a great way to restore your drywall to its original beauty and condition without having to shell out a lot of money. But if your drywall has developed large holes, extensive discoloration, and damp smells, you might need to consider a replacement.

Professionally installed drywall can last for 30 to 70 years. But certain factors may shorten its lifespan, including insect damage, water damage, fire damage, and accidents that may cause holes. Routine maintenance and immediate repair when damages occur are some ways you can extend the life of your drywall.

Patching is the most common way to repair drywall. If your drywall has tiny holes, scrapes, abrasions, and minor indentations and discoloration, you can fix them with simple patching. However, if the physical damage is large and severe, it’s time for drywall replacement or repair.

No. Regardless of whether the hole is small or large, it can still let moisture, wind, insulation, construction residue, and pests into your property. Damaged drywall can also affect the energy efficiency of your space because the air conditioning escapes through the holes. It’s best to contact a professional drywall company as soon as you notice imperfections on your drywall.



There are a plethora of advantages to using drywall. If you’ve decided to go with this type of insulation, or if you require drywall repair or metal framing, be sure it’s done by professionals.

Many insulation contractors are available today, but not all of them are skilled and trustworthy. Request references and a list of clients the service provider has worked to guarantee that you get the finest contractor. Check to see if the contractor is licensed and has enough insurance to cover any unexpected costs.

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